Creativity Coaching

Fiona’s (Hard Won!) Lessons For Cultivating Your Creativity

Embrace the Journey

  • Deadlines & Limits: Deadlines spark action, and limited resources foster boundaries that breed new ideas. Don’t fear, embrace!
  • Fearless Exploration: Take creative risks, learn through doing, and trust your unique perspective. Remember, growth comes from exploration, not perfection.
  • Open to Feedback: Learn from others, but trust your gut. Feedback guides, but your instincts steer.
  • Create a Safe Space: Let fear of judgment fade and joy ignite. Silence the inner critic and focus on the process, not the product.

Unleash Your Playful Spirit

  • Permission & Play: Give yourself permission to create, mess up, and start again. Play fuels innovation and unlocks true self-expression.
  • Explore Diverse Mediums: Sing, speak, write, podcast, act – explore different creative avenues to unlock new facets of your inner artist.
  • Say “Yes” & Flow: Embrace new ideas, collaborate freely, and go with the creative flow. Be present and responsive, not rigid.
  • Silliness is Strength: Tap into your inner silliness. Laughter and playfulness lead to surprising breakthroughs and inspiring discoveries.

Fueling Others’ Creativity

  • Empower & Support: Help friends and family shine their creative light. Offer guidance, not control, and celebrate their unique spark.
  • Recognize Potential: See the untapped potential in others and encourage them to activate it. Be a catalyst for their creative journey.
  • Embrace Your Shadow: What inner fear holds you back? Facing your shadow unlocks your own creative flow and empowers you to help others do the same.


  • Growth through Failure: Don’t fear epic fails. Each one is a stepping stone on the path to creative mastery.
  • Process Over Product: Focus on the joy of creating, not just the end result. 
    • Open Mode: Let the journey unfold organically,with freedom and innovation.
    • Closed Mode: When the time is right, turn your attention and focus to the product. 
  • Build Your Skills: Practise different creative skills and hone your craft. Each medium offers unique tools for self-expression.
  • Feedback is a Gift: Embrace timely feedback. It provides valuable insights to refine your work and accelerate your progress.